Louise Thomson Fernet

British Nationality

B.A (Hons) Finance Lancaster University 
Paris-Dauphine University

10 years at Paris Stock Exchange

Expatriation to Norway and USA

Elisabeth Juillard

French Nationality

Former business lawyer

Master 2 law degree  Lyon University

15 years as a company legal advisor

Expatriation to USA

We created Expat Student to help students to access UK universities and enter one of the best university systems in the world.

We are experts in the UK university system and the UK application process. We guide each student with passion, drive and expertise to allow them to enter the university that is best suited to their academic needs.

Through our connections to both British and French culture, our support is based on an evaluation of the student's academic needs and a detailed understanding of UK universities, courses and campuses.

Applications to UK universities are done through the UCAS platform - University and College Admissions Service - which centralizes all applications. 

The system is very different from the French Parcoursup system. Only one common application form is submitted for a maximum of five choices.  

Your predicted grades for your baccalauréat, teacher's reference, and personal statement are required elements for your application. 

Your personal statement is very important and must be thoroughly prepared as it can make the difference between an offer and no offer. 

Having been through this process with our own children, we understand how difficult and nerve wracking the application process can seem.  

By working closely with the student, we aim to make this process as simple and smooth as possible, allowing the student to concentrate on their studies.