Specialist help for your application to UK universities

Comprehensive knowledge of the UK university application process

With our expert knowledge of UK universities and the application process through UCAS, we aim to help you create the best application possible to the universities of your choice.

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We take care of each Student

 We accompany students from different educational backgrounds 

 A levels, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalauréat etc


 UK universities offer a huge diversity of courses. 

At Expat Student, we assist with applications as diverse as (but not limited to) : 

Business and Management, Economics, Engineering, History, Politics, International Relations, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, English Literature, Art and Design.

Personalised and individual support

We will guide you through the application process on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face or through Skype, to make sure that each step is right for you.

We believe that each student is unique and that each choice is personal. Therefore, we will craft an individual strategy tailored to the personality, skills and wishes of each candidate.

Our support is based around the needs and expectations of the student and their family

When choosing the combination of course and university that will work best for them, applicants cannot just pay attention to the university's ranking and reputation. These are an important part of the decision making process, but other factors are also worth considering. You will be studying at your chosen university for at least 3 years, so you must feel suited to the environment and that you will be happy there. Do you want to be in a fully international university? Where do you want to live? In a city centre or on a campus with accomodation and facilities for both your studies and recreational activities on one site? The university's international accessibility, the offers for student accomodation and the cost of living are all criteria to be taken into account in your choice.

Post-offer support for the "Expat Student"

Our services do not stop once you have an offer from the university of your choice. Our aim is to help you start your university career in the best conditions.
We supply advice and help on different subjects, such as housing and bank accounts, to ease the transition into university life and studies.

We offer a first no-obligation appointment to discuss your project and expectations.

For clients outside the Paris area, this meeting can be done through Skype.

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Ils sont passés par Expat Student ...

A l’approche de mon départ à Londres, je voulais vous remercier pour toute votre aide dans ce projet. Tout est maintenant en ordre pour commencer sereinement cette nouvelle année

Rose - UCL Sept 2019

I really appreciate your experience and knowledge but also the fact that you remain calm and on top of things 

- Parent de Valentine – Sept 2019

Why study in the UK?

Teaching in UK universities is strongly focused towards preparing students for the working environment. The structured approach to learning still allows room for individual autonomy and the quality teaching encourages creativity. Being part of an international community adds value to the student's education and increases job opportunities at the end of their chosen course. 

Did you know?

  • Over 5 000 French students applied to UK universities in 2017- source UCAS
  • The United Kingdom is the second most popular foreign destination for French students, behind Belgium and before Canada - LeMonde.fr 26.02.2017