We offer an all-inclusive formula for UK applications

 the UCAS Pack

Services included the UCAS Pack

 1st step— The first appointment is 'no obligation'

At this meeting we will work through the potential candidate's plan and explain the UK university system and application process.

 2nd step — Selection of universities and courses

We help you to target the right universities and courses based on your wishes, your abilities and school results. 

Together with you, we will consider a number of criteria, in particular the universities' ranking, reputation for your chosen subject and their requirements in terms of the French baccalauréat grades. We also take into consideration the length of the course, its particularities (sandwich year, year abroad, summer placement etc) and your own preferences concerning the university environment (city centre/campus), international access, housing and the cost of living.

 3rd step —Assistance with writing your Personal Statement

The personal statement is a crucial element of your application. It allows you to express your personality and strengths, and, most importantly, shows your commitment to your chosen course. We work with you to submit a truthful, persuasive statement in perfect English.

 4th step —Application through the UCAS system

We offer all necessary support, from  opening the application to its submission

• Help in selecting the five universities that the student will apply to

• All necessary contact with the universities 

• Advice on preparation for interviews, if required 

• Advice on the choice of teacher to supply the teacher's reference letter. We can contact the teacher to help them write a positive and subject-adapted letter in English if necessary

 5th step — When the university offers come in, we provide the support necessary to help the student pick their first choice and insurance choice. 

 6th step — We continue to provide help and support up to Results Day.

When the student receives their exam results, we provide help supplying the results to the university to secure their place there. In the unfortunate case that the students exam results are disappointing, we immediately contact the university (and other universities if necessary) to try and secure the student's place nevertheless. 

We also give help and advice to help the student settle in to their new place of study.

Our Prices

Price of the UCAS Pack : 2 000 euros

Rates for an extra application in Europe or Canada are available upon request.

When should you contact us  ?

The student should ideally contact us in Première/ US grade 11/UK year 12. This allows time to plan their application during summer in order to submit the application late September or early October

For students in Terminale/US grade 12/UK year 13, we  advise you to contact us as early in the school year as possible to plan your application before the UCAS deadline..

Important UCAS dates

5 September : start of registration on UCAS

15 October : deadline for applications to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for medical, dental and veterinary courses at all other universities 

15 January : Closing date for applications to all other courses and universities