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Axiom Academic – tutoring for expatriates

Axiom Academic has been a trusted tutoring agency since 2016, connecting expatriate families around the world with carefully selected native French and English speaking tutors in all subjects who are fully conversant with the French, IB and UK curricula. Axiom Academic is a unique tutoring solution for expatriate families. The agency is staffed by educational managers who advise families and recommend the right teachers for their needs, and by teachers who are themselves from the expatriate world and are in the same time zone as the student. With over 3000 teachers, Axiom Academic supports students in French high schools and IB World Schools throughout their schooling. Axiom Academic, now available in over 50 cities, is your partner of choice to provide the tutoring your children need from primary to high school, both at home and online.

Meriem Draman is a French-speaking independent school guidance counsellor since January 2019, specialising in the French education system (middle school, high school, post-bac training). 

She lives in Istanbul and thanks to the magic of the internet works with students from all over the world.

In her previous life, she was a physics and chemistry teacher for ten years, and is now on leave from the French Ministry of Education. 

In the framework of her activity, she offers two main services:

  • The orientation assessment: for young people from the third grade to the first years of higher education.
    The orientation assessment is a short 3-session support that allows students to get to know themselves better, i.e. to identify their skills, their strengths, their priorities and their professional interests in order to choose the post-baccalaureate training pathway best suited to their profile, and also the various fields of activity in which they have every chance of blossoming and therefore succeeding.
  • PostBac Admission (Parcoursup) support: for students in their final year of secondary school, students who are reorienting their studies and French students not enrolled in the French system.
    Parcoursup support from A to Z takes place in 4 to 6 sessions and allows the student to feel guided, advised, supported and reassured throughout the registration process on Parcoursup: from the strategic choice of the 10 wishes to the drafting of motivated training projects, including the initial creation of the registration file.

Expats Parents is the website for French-speaking expatriate families! It offers a plethora of resources concerning expatriation and parenthood, education, schooling, bilingualism, cultural adaptation, etc. For expatriate families it is both :

  • collaborative website to help you better understand and accompany your nomadic family
  • A Facebook group where you can share your experience with more than 16,000 expatriate parents in over 120 countries
  • A Facebook page where you can find articles and information about issues related to expatriation as a family
  • Privileged access to services selected for you

… and much more than the sum of it all!

MumAbroad is one of Europe’s leading resources for English-speaking families living or moving to the main ‘international’ regions and cities of Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

This online resource provides concise, credible, up-to-date and trustworthy information, ranging from international education and childbirth options to family activities and relocation services.

All advice comes from expatriate mums living abroad.


Expat Pro is a website of expatriation professionals. Its vocation: to allow French-speaking expatriates to find the services they need. The experts are rigorously selected for the quality of their services in their field of expertise, and their knowledge of expatriation issues.

With nearly 150 experts, Expat Pro covers the main topics of interest to expatriate families and employees before, during and after expatriation.

It is a dynamic network that is regularly enriched with new experts and is accessible free of charge to French-speaking expatriates. It is linked to the website and the Expats Parents group (16,000 members). The founders, Catherine Martel and Cécile Gylbert, are themselves multi-expatriate and specialists in family expatriation. Catherine Martel is a psychologist and founder of the Expats Parents website; Cécile Gylbert is a specialist in expatriate children, consultant and author.

They know the challenges to be faced and know that expert guidance is an asset for successful mobility.

What I Wish I Knew About University was established in 2017 by Zoe Cooke and Joules Sweeney.

With over 26,000 members, and growing rapidly, WIWIKAU is a University support group that covers everything from results day, clearing, accommodation, what to take and absolutely everything University related. Everyone is welcome, Parents, students and guardians and anyone else involved in the University process and student life. is the must-read magazine for French speakers in London and the UK. Receive every Friday morning by e-mail the news of the week, the events to come and the top classifieds ads of the week.

Kit yourself out for Uni through our partners at UniKitOut. You can order bedding, kitchen, bathroom kits and more, all to be delivered directly to your accommodation and have waiting for you upon arrival. Plus save 10% with discount code EXPAT10


As a qualified experienced teacher and a careers advisor for the higher education, I provide some extensive, professional guidance for students related to their admissions into their prospective colleges, universities and apprentices. I am able to assist them all the way through from the search for their placement including the process of their application.

I am a multilingual, as for my case I speak four different languages. I have lived in several different countries. Therefore, I have a broad knowledge of various cultures, values and beliefs. I offer my services online around the world with Parcoursup, the national admissions platform, in order to obtain a placement of your choice in higher education in France.

My main goal is to help you find the appropriate placement for higher education that is tailored along with your profile and your aspirations for the future.

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