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We assisted them every step of the way to integrate the university of their dreams. Paperwork, deadlines, applications,  forms, personal statements, UCAS… They made it with personal guidance and support.

On this page, you will find the stories of Deborah, Pierre, Sophie, Emma, Alix and many others. It is a growing page, a work in progress where we share your feedback as they keep coming in, and you keep succeeding in reaching your goals.  Students or parents, they share their Expat Student experience with you.

I was helped by Expat Student for my application to British universities on UCAS. I must admit that I was a little late because I started to take an interest in it at the start of my final school year… However, the support that was offered to me was complete and effective, despite the tight timing which we were faced with. From the choice of the Bsc to which I was going to apply to the writing of the Personal Statement, everything was perfect! Thanks to Louise I discovered the Bsc Management Science at UCL and the Personal Statement that I produced under her guidance allowed me to be admitted. Mrs. Thomson, in addition to accompanying me on UCAS, made me discover and helped me to apply to other universities elsewhere in the world such as Bocconi or McGill. I highly recommend Expat Student because Louise’s support was excellent and allowed me to be admitted to the universities I was aiming for !


offers from UCL, Bath, Warwick for Business

Our daughter decided that her further education would be in the UK and as long term overseas residents we were completely unaware of the processes required to make this a reality. We made initial contact with Louise and it was instantly apparent that she possessed the knowledge, connections and capability to fully guide our daughter through the whole process. Louise assisted in university selection,application, personal statement, interview technique and questions and was available to assist with any queries or additional help as and when required.
We are very grateful for all of Louise´s diligence as our daughter received an offer to study Medicine in her first round of applications. The service provided comes at a cost but in our opinion it was money well spent, not just because our child was successful, but because Louise went above and beyond our expectations. Should our second child look to the UK when his time comes we will definitely utilise Louise to facilitate for him,


Parent of student accepted for Medicine at Keele University

Louise has accompanied our daughter remarkably throughout her application process abroad. She helped her to refine her project, to select the courses in line with her academic record, and to prepare her applications. It is a long road which began the year of her penultimate school year and which ends with several proposals for Universities in the UK. Louise always took the time to answer our questions as parents and made no mistakes in any of her recommendations. Our daughter is going to UCL which was her first choice and we are absolutely delighted to have chosen Epat student to accompany us.

Pascale – Parents

Offers from UCL, Bath, Warwick, Manchester pour Business Management

Expat Student helped me a lot in my dealings with universities. Beyond the actual application, Louise helped me ask myself the right questions to best guide my thinking about my choice of university.
I highly recommend Expat Student, they have a strong knowledge in this area.

Anna F.

Offers from Warwick, Bath, City and Queen Mary for Business Management

We highly recommend Expat Student for their close support and expert advice.
Louise took the time to fully understand our daughter’s personality, her expectations but also ours.
His support was essential in our decision-making


Parent of a student going to Warwick

A big thank you to Louise and her team for this very high quality support. Our daughter wanted to go to study in England, she is taken in the biggest universities (UCL, King’s College). Beyond the precious and decisive help on the file, the advice given on the future life in London but also the discussions between our daughter and Louise made it possible to make the most appropriate choices in terms of choice of universities. In short, we highly recommend!


Parent of a student with offers from KCL, UCL, Warwick et Bath

Louise is a great help and very good advice; she accompanied our daughter to obtain a Master’s degree offer at the RCA in London.


Parent d’une élève acceptée à RCA

I discovered “Expatstudent” in October 2023 when I was looking for a company capable of helping me organize myself to study in England. The first contact immediately reassured me about the quality of the advice and the work provided by Louise and her team, a quality that was indeed confirmed throughout the year. The support in their approach is personalized and organized in stages, the contact is fast (emails and video calls) and the exchanges are reassuring. The precise knowledge of each university (for me English) and their admission procedure allow us to be well directed and advised on our best opportunities according to academic results, tastes, budgets. Thanks to Expat Student I was able to get accepted into each of the 5 UK universities I applied for, including UCL and King’s College (which I probably wouldn’t have got without the help of Louise and the team). I recommend 100%!


student going to UCL to study International Relations

Louise accompanied our two children in their respective higher education projects (history for one and veterinary studies for the other). She knows perfectly well the expectations of the training courses for which she is preparing and her help (over two years in both cases) has made it possible to unfold the various stages serenely, from the choice of courses to the final decisions. She has excellent direct contacts in university recruitment services. Our children were both accepted into the courses they wanted.


parent of students studying History at UCL and Veterinary Medicine at CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain.

Expat Student allowed me not only to optimize my application for Bachelor degrees in Europe, but also to refine what I wanted to do after my baccalaureate. I was able to quickly target Business Schools in Europe and Canada and be sure of my choices. It is very comfortable to be guided by a professional like Expat Student who masters the application process (often very complicated) and who knows how to optimise the application. Louise and her partners (preparation for certification in English, math test in English, etc.) provide invaluable help, and I could not have obtained the BBA that I have without them.


Student accepted à IE Madrid

My daughter chose a challenging degree for college where school counselors were not too helpful, and we did not have any idea where to start for college application.
Louise came recommended by 2 friends, and I am so thankful for her help, guidance and dedication to my child. She goes beyond what we expected from a counselor.
She took away all my anxiety and nervousness and helped Chiara with the entire process. She also spends a lot of time getting to know your child and exactly what they
want, which is really important for me and then guides both the parents and child through the entire process, which can be extremely stressful . She was also a great
emotional supporter for my child as going through IB and college applications is a high stress environment.
I’m so glad we found her and rest assured she takes care of everything – paperwork, deadlines, making the right choice for your child, speaking to the colleges, preparing
for the essays …
Thank you so much, Louise

Parents of Chiara

currently studying Drama in the UK

I highly recommend Expat Student. Why ? It’s a team on a human scale that’s there for you at all times with all your questions, and that manages procedures and deadlines that aren’t always easy for parents to understand. Seriousness, availability, attentiveness and great professionalism are the qualities of Expat Student. What’s more, the team built up a relationship of trust with my son, understood his personality perfectly and was able to recommend what suited him best. If one of your children is going abroad to study, trust them with your eyes closed. Many thanks to the whole team.


parent of a student with offers from UCL, LSE, Warwick, Bath et King’s College London

A big heartfelt thank you to Expat Student for being there for us over the last few years. Our son is now studying International Relations at UCL London. And our daughter is starting the BBA at ESADE in Barcelona in September. You’ve helped us to understand our children’s motivations and educational options. You were an invaluable guide in navigating the application process and deadlines. We love the perfect mix of support and empowerment that you have with young people. We wish many families the joy of having you as their “partner”.


parent of two students at UCL and ESADE

I would like to express my enthusiasm and my satisfaction with regard to this higher education application support counselor for students wishing to study abroad. This service is simply outstanding and has been instrumental in our son’s educational journey. Louise provided us with clear, reliable and up-to-date information on study programs, universities, admission procedures and country-specific requirements. Another appreciable aspect of Expat Student is its personalized approach to each student. Louise took the time to understand our son’s academic and professional hopes in order to guide him towards the best options corresponding to his objectives. In addition, Expat Student guided us for all the administrative procedures related to admission applications and study visas. The often complex process of applying abroad thus becomes much smoother thanks to their constant support. In conclusion, I highly recommend Expat Student to anyone considering continuing their studies abroad.


parent of a student who received offers from Queen Mary, Surrey and Royal Holloway for Business Management.

My daughter loved working with Expat Student. They were very helpful, professional and always kind. She received 4 offers in Europe. It is also very reassuring not to miss a deadline or any documents to be submitted . Best option ever!  We are so happy that we have decided to book another round for our second child for next year!

Anne G. – Parent

Offers from IE Madrid, Bath, Queen Mary, City and Royal Holloway for International Business Management

Louise has been a real savior for us as we, as parents, did not know how to help with the best choice for University for our son. Louise has always been available , not only as an expert to help with the best choice of University in the UK, Netherlands and Spain,  she is also knowledgeable about campus life in all the different places so that we could always have a reference when we were looking into the different options. Thank you Louise for always being present throughout this year!

Ilaria A. – Parent

Offers from IE Madrid, Maastricht, Birmingham, Queen Mary, Liverpool and Surrey for International Business Management

Louise has been the greatest help at every step of the way for our daughter. Support, deadlines, and advice were gold. She also prepared my daughter for the interviews and she was accepted in all the universities she applied to. Our daughter was in boarding school far away from us and without Expat Student, we couldn’t have done it. Thank you !

Olivia F. – Parent

Offers from ESADE, IE Madrid, Birmingham, Kent, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, and Surrey for International Business Management

Expat Student was very supportive from the beginning of the school year in advising our son who wanted to study aerospace engineering abroad. It was very reassuring as a parent to move forward immediately with Expat Student to define with him his assets in his application and also very challenging for him throughout the school year. We would like to thank Louise for her availability, her competence and the relationship of trust she has built with our son.

Marine B. – Parent

Offers from Nottingham, Sheffield, Loughborough and Queen Mary for Aerospace Engineering

My daughter applied to the UK and we chose Expat Student to accompany us. Being French, we felt it was best to have professional help to guide us through the UCAS process and the steps to take. And for this, Louise was absolutely wonderful! She knew how to listen, understand, guide, train, value and encourage our daughter with a lot of availability, benevolence and efficiency. I warmly recommend Expat Student!

Virginie B. – Parent

Offers from QMUL, Warwick and Birmingham (double degree in English and French law)

Thank you to Louise and Expat Student for their serious and professional support in putting together the UCAS application for both of my children to the UK.

Mirta N. – Parent

Offers from King’s, Bath, Warwick for International Management and UCL, Exeter and Warwick for the English and French Law double degree

Expat Student immediately understood my daughter’s profile and was able to adapt to her needs, desires and budget.

Louise accompanied us throughout this fabulous adventure, guiding us, advising us and supporting us at every stage. She has been patient, caring and extremely efficient, whatever our requests or changes of direction along the way.

She was always available and made easy things that were complicated for us in the application process of some universities.

My daughter has been admitted to all the universities she has applied to: Concordia, Leiden, Amsterdam (we are still waiting for Trinity) 

Our adventure with Expat Student  is coming to an end and we would like to thank the whole team for their great professionalism, kindness and efficiency.

Lisa Z. – Parent

Offers from Concordia, Leiden and Amsterdam for Archaeology

We turned to Expat Student for guidance in applying to universities in Canada and the U.K. We had heard from another parent at my son’s school about how good Expat Student is. We live in Asia and we were basically clueless when it comes to the options and process.

Louise eased our jitters and to gave us expert guidance to choose the best options for us and led us through the entire application process.

As a result, our son was accepted into all of the U.K. and Canadian universities he applied through Expat Student majoring in Biology! (UoT, UBC, Waterloo, Calgary, Kent, Liverpool, Royal Holloway, Surrey, Sussex)

I’m definitely going to turn to Expat Student when my second son is applying to universities.

Sam E. – Parent

Offers from University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Waterloo, Calgary, Kent, Liverpool, Royal Holloway, Surrey, Sussex for Biology

Thank you very much for all your support and attention. We think we were very lucky to have Louise as a counselor and our daughter had much more confidence and her chances increased thanks to Expat Student’s guidance. We’ve already recommended your services to several of our friends.

Natalia G. – Parent

Offers from King’s College London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and IE Madrid for Law

Our daughter wanted to continue her studies abroad after high school. With the active support of Expat Student, she was able to select the relevant courses of study, write and submit applications. She received several favourable offers in England and the Netherlands. The most difficult part remains: choosing where to go and preparing for her departure !

Guy S. – Parent

Offers from Leiden, Vrije, Warwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and 0for Politics and International Relations 

From our very first meeting with Louise, we knew that we had made the right choice in Expat Student. Over this last year, Louise has helped us every step of the way, from first discussions on choice of courses and potential universities, to help shaping the Personal Statement and getting us through the application process. Her deep knowledge of the UK universities and how to navigate UCAS has been invaluable, and her calming presence always there to answer any of our questions or concerns. More than a service, this has been a true collaboration and we will forever be indebted to Louise and Expat Student for helping us get to this moment on the cusp of a new adventure in the UK for my daughter.

Bridget L. – Parent

Offers from Bath, Manchester, Lancaster and Sussex for Marketing and Management

Louise accompanied our daughter in her search for a university and suitable bachelor’s program abroad. Expat Student’s support was of a high quality from start to finish. Louise adapted to the changes in our daughter’s orientation choices during her final year of high school.

I particularly appreciated the very professional and serious guidance, while remaining very caring throughout the process.

Raphaelle will start her degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology in Maastricht in September.

I warmly recommend Expat Student.

Elisabeth P. – Parent

Offer accepted at the Faculty of Psychology in Maastricht.

We would like to thank the Expat Student consultants for their support and coaching of our child, a great team effort. They were able to work in harmony to help our child. Our daughter was able to refine and build her project and then select schools that suited her.We highly recommend the services of Expat Student

Eve L. – Parent

Offers from LSE, UCL, Durham, Bath, Warwick, Groningen and Leiden for International Relations

I really want to thank Expat Student for their quality support, their kindness and the richness of their guidance Thanks to them, I was able to serenely and diligently build my entire orientation project and find universities that were appropriate for my professional project.

Ambre – Student

Offers from LSE, UCL, Durham, Bath, Warwick, Groningen and Leiden for International Relations

I am so pleased with Expat Student and their expertise. Being a student studying in France, I had no knowledge of the British university application system and was feeling very lost, whether that was choosing the right course for me or universities that would be the right fit for my needs and my goals – and just overall did not know where to start. Expat Student has been such a crucial help throughout this whole process by listening and by accompanying me through every step of the way. Louise was very efficient and available and I want to thank her for taking time to make this process as smooth and easy as it was. I feel so reassured and confident now approaching this new chapter of my life. I cannot recommend Expat Student enough!

Olivia L. – Student

Offers from Manchester, Bath, Lancaster and Sussex for Marketing Management

We chose to be helped by Expat Student for two main reasons. The first being that the contact with Louise and her team was immediately very professional and reassuring. The second reason was the complementarity of their two profiles (one British, the other French) combining a very good knowledge of the universities across the Channel, their expectations, the UCAS procedure and also the pathways available to the students in France, in order to compare them;

Pascale P. – Parent

Offers from UCL, King’s, Warwick, Bristol, Exeter (UK) for Politics and International Relations

Expat Student gave me a much clearer vision of the different universities in the UK, and helped me to find the one I would like to attend the most. They were able to answer all my questions and were a great help in writing my Personal Statement. They really know how higher education works in the UK!

Pierre C.

Offers from King’s, Warwick, Bath, Exeter (UK) for International Management

With Expat Student, my daughter obtained three offers for Veterinary Medicine. Thank you so much for all the invaluable help you gave us throughout the application process

Nathalie D. – Parent

Offers from CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Spain), Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio (Madrid, Spain) and University of Veterinary Medicine (Budapest, Hungary)

As I am about to leave for London, I wanted to thank you for all your help in this project. Everything is now in place to start the new school year with confidence.

Irma E.

Student at UCL (UK) in History and Politics of the Americas

Expat Student helped us build a tailor-made application for our son, making the most of his potential. Many thanks for this quality support and expertise at every stage of the UCAS application process.

Alix G. – Parent 

Offers from King’s, Bristol, Exeter (UK) for Politics and International Relations

Availability, efficiency and friendliness: an accompaniment that was indispensable to me when I was applying for my Master of Philosophy . A big thank you to Louise and her team for the high quality of their work as well as their implication in my project It is warmly and with absolutely no hesitation that I recommend them.

Emma B.

Master of Philosophy – Offers from Birmingham and Exeter (UK)

Expat student allowed me to prepare my application as well as possible. A personalised service, with a lot of preparation and good advice for the interviews which made me feel at ease. Thank you very much for your kindness and patience which helped me a lot and reassured me !

Deborah P. 

Student at Exeter (UK) in Medicine

Louise and her team are truly committed to the success of their students. They are always there to help and support the student. You can be confident about your interviews: the preparation is intensive but effective ! A very good contact from the beginning which allowed us to apply with complete confidence.

Sophie V. – Parent

Admitted to CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Spain) for Veterinary Medicine

My two children applied in the UK, and the help and support of Expat Student has been indispensable to me. I believe that the demands of universities should not be underestimated and Louise’s knowledge of the British university system is crucial. I really appreciate her experience and knowledge but also the fact that they remain calm and on top of things.

Nadège B. – Parent

Offers from RVC, Nottingham and Surrey (UK) and CEU Cardenal Herrera (Valencia, Spain) for Veterinary Medicine

Your expertise concerning the International university system helped us in the choice of courses and universities. Your advice, your help in writing the personal statement and your encouragement throughout the process, with kindness and seriousness, were reassuring for us as parents and very motivating for Joanne. Many thanks to both of you!

Nacira M. – Parent

Offers from Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool and Nottingham Trent (UK) for Zoology 

We wanted to thank you sincerely for your attentiveness, your availability and your professionalism at every stage of the application process. A very big thank you for the personalised support, these very personal decisions require a lot of “human touch” and you have it !

Estelle G. – Parent

Offers from King’s, Warwick, Queen Mary of London, Exeter (UK) for Politics and International RelationsCEO

Through their expertise and their mastery of the English university system, Louise and her team have shown a great deal of professionalism: they have been available, caring, efficient, and very attentive to our daughter and have encouraged her throughout the year.

Virginie K. – Parent

Offers from Warwick, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester (UK) for International Development & Relations

As parents, it was a great relief to have Expat Student accompany our son in his application to English universities. We were guided through the different steps and were sure throughout the whole process that we had the instructions, the right advice and that we would not miss any deadlines. As for our son, he particularly appreciated the empowering and close guidance from the writing of the Personal Statement to the final version. We recommend your services wholeheartedly!

Emmanuelle K. – Parent

Offers from UCL, King’s, Manchester, Royal Holloway (UK) for History and Politics & War studies

Expat Student really helped me to plan my UK Higher Education application. Louise and her team were there for me at every step of the way (choice of course, choice of universities, UCAS, personal statement) and allowed me to approach this period of great change with confidence. Their kindness and expertise were also of great help to me in the preparation of my applications to Canada and France, which were my back-up plan.

Anna S. 

Offers from King’s, Warwick, Exeter, Queen Mary of London (UK) for International Relations