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Connaître les dates limites d'inscription universitaire à l'étranger pour ne pas risquer de les manquer

Deadlines for 2024 university applications

If you’re thinking about going to university in 2024/2025, now is the time to be looking at the application process and accompanying deadlines. These university application deadlines are the latest

Faire une summer school en Espagne ou en Anglettere avec Expat Student

Summer schools : attend a programme at a prestigious foreign university

Summer is coming and parents often ask us how their children can best prepare for their Higher Education applications the following year. We suggest, depending on the student’s choice of study, that they do a short internship in the area of their future studies, do some extra reading or attend a Summer School.

Smiling students Business studies in Spain /Étudiante en école de commerce souriant

Business studies in Spain

Interested about business studies in Spain? Learn about business schools in Madrid & Barcelona, applications, deadlines, fees, scholarships, and more!