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Expat Student offers one-to-one coaching services to students wishing to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the UK and other countries.

Our assistance is oriented "best match"

We are committed to helping each of our students reach the best combination of course of study and university that will meet their expectations and abilities.

This is why we have chosen to work 100 % for our clients. Our advice is impartial. We do not receive any commission from the universities our students apply to. You can be sure that we focus exclusively on the student’s needs.

Our advice on the choice of universities goes beyond questions of ranking, the reputation of the university and the grades required. This is, of course, an important part of the decision-making process, but other factors are also worth considering.

Students starting a Bachelor’s degree will study at their university for at least three years, so they should feel comfortable in this environment. Lifestyle, city life, campus life, housing options and the cost of living are all criteria to be taken into account in the choice.

Our Master’s applicants need to know that the year they will spend at their chosen university will be exactly what they need. Masters courses are very specialised – the student needs to be sure that the course they take is adapted to their academic needs and study abroad goals.

Expat Student gave me a much clearer vision of the different universities in the UK, and helped me to find the one I would like to attend the most. They were able to answer all my questions and were a great help in writing my Personal Statement. They really know how higher education works in the UK!

Pierre C.

Offers from King’s, Warwick, Bath, Exeter in International Management

As I am about to leave for London, I wanted to thank you for all your help in this project. Everything is now in place to start the new school year with confidence.

Rose E.

UCL student in History and Politics of the Americas

Our help is just for you

Another important aspect of our help is that it is totally individual. There are no group meetings. We work one-on-one with the candidate so that each stage of their application to study abroad is optimised. This includes :

  • proposing summer projects, internships… to strengthen their application.
  • advising the student in writing the personal statement. This is an essential part of the application that can make the difference between two academically equivalent applications.
  • working with teachers when necessary to obtain an enthusiastic reference letter that highlights the student’s value
  • assisting the student throughout the application procedure through UCAS for the Bachelors or with each university for the Masters.

By working closely with the student, we aim to make this process as simple and smooth as possible, allowing the student to concentrate on their studies in order to achieve the grades required for the chosen courses.

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Questions and answers about studying abroad

The teaching in UK universities is strongly focused on preparing students for the working environment. The structured approach to learning still allows room for individual autonomy, and encourages creativity. Being part of an international community adds value to the student’s education and increases job opportunities at the end of their chosen course.

At Expat Student, we work for you! There are no group meetings. All our appointments are one-to-one, helping you create a bespoke application based on your own ambitions, your school grades and your wishes. 

As early as possible! Ideally, you should contact us in US grade 11/UK year 12/ French Première. In order to be considered by a prestigious university, a student needs not only to have good grades, but also to stand out from other candidates.

By starting to prepare your application early, we can help you plan a summer internship, extra reading, or a summer school course to give your application a little something extra. If you are already in US grade 12/UK Year 13/ French Terminal, don’t panic!

It’s not too late, contact us as early as possible in the school year so we can help you prepare your application before the deadline.

We know that good students have lots of work. That’s why we fit our appointments around your schedule. All our appointments can be done by phone/skype, leaving you more time to concentrate on your studies.

UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is the centralised service that students must use to apply to UK universities for undergraduate courses.

You can make up to five applications through UCAS, although you can only apply for up to four Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Dentistry courses. Your remaining fifth choice can be used for a different course.

The Personal Statement is your time to shine! It’s a chance for you to explain why you want to study a particular subject and to highlight the skills and experiences you have that show your passion for that subject.

It’s also where you explain who you are and the qualities you have that make you suited to the course. The quality of your Personal Statement can make the difference between an offer and a rejection.

All subjects! Expat Student has helped students to get accepted for many different subjects – Medicine, Business Studies, History, Politics and International Relations, Engineering, Vet Med, English Literature to name just a few. Whatever your choice, we’d love to help you get there.

Of course. Oxford and Cambridge are both very selective universities with early application deadlines (15th October). If you have an outstanding academic record, we can help you to prepare an excellent personal statement and advise you on how to prepare for their entrance exams and interviews. We do not provide tutoring for these, although we can often suggest ressources.

Indeed we can. Expat Student has helped a number of students obtain offers for these demanding courses. Students wishing to apply for Medicine/Vet Med/ Dentistry must start their application preparation early in order to obtain the necessary work experience and, in the case of medicine, prepare for the entrance exams over summer. 

Don’t forget that the application deadline for these courses is the 15th October.

Most of our students aim to go to university in the UK. This is our speciality, but we also help our students who wish to make applications to universities in other countries.

Since Brexit, students from the EU are charged the same tuition fees as students from the rest of the world. These fees are fixed by each university and differ for each subject. However, some universities do offer scholarships to help reduce the cost of studies. When Expat Students helps you to apply, we can also help you to apply for any suitable scholarships
Postgraduate tuition fees are fixed by each university, so remember to check before you decide where to apply.

Each university is free to fix the fees for its International students. You should check their tariffs for your course before deciding which universities to apply to.

Of course! Universities all over the UK are still keen to accept European students. However, you will now need to apply for a student visa. We help all our students with their UK student visa application. 

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