An all-inclusive formula for your UK Masters application

Are you considering doing your Masters in the UK?

Expat Student can help you. We specialise in helping students apply to prestigious universities in England, Scotland and Wales for different Masters courses.

Why should I do my Masters in the UK?

The quality of UK university education is recognised and respected throughout the world. Studying for a Masters in the UK will give your CV an international dimension that will help you achieve professional success.

Availability, efficiency and friendliness: an accompaniment that was indispensable to me when I was applying for my Master of Philosophy. A big thank you to Louise and Elisabeth for the high quality of their work as well as their implication in my project It is warmly and with absolutely no hesitation that I recommend them.

Emma B.

Master of Philosophy – Offers from Birmingham and Exeter

Follow the 5 steps of Your
Pathway to Success

1. The first appointment is 'no obligation'

During this appointment, we will explain the process of applying and studying for a Masters in the UK, along with how we can help you achieve your aims.

Step #1

2. Choice of universities and courses

We will help you to target the right universities and courses based on your academic interests and achievements to date. We will discuss with you:

  • The universities' ranking
  • Their reputation for your chosen subject and their grade requirements 
  • We also take into consideration your own preferences concerning the university environment (city centre versus campus), the cost of the course, international access, housing and the cost of living.
Step #2

3. Assistance with writing your Personal Statement

The personal statement is a crucial element of your application. It allows you to detail your academic history, to express your personality and strengths, and, most importantly, shows your commitment to your chosen course. We work with you to submit a truthful, persuasive statement in perfect English.

Step #3

4. Your Application Strategy

We will help you create a timeline for your application, and help you each step of the way:

  • to adapt your Personal Statement to each course that you apply to
  • to obtain the academic references you must supply
  • to choose the samples of work to submit

We will also advise on English Language tests if necessary.

We check over all of your applications before you submit them, to make sure each one is perfect!

Step #4

5. Accepting an offer

When your chosen universities respond, we help you to choose the Masters course that is the best fit for you.

Step #5

When should you contact us?

Each university has its own specific application timeline. Some have fixed deadlines, others have rolling admissions and close their admissions when the course is full. The earlier you apply, the higher your chances are of being accepted. Expat Student accepts students from September onwards for an application for the next academic year.

What is the cost of our all-inclusive formula?

At the end of our first interview, we will provide you with a personalised quote specific to your project, taking into account the number of applications you wish to make.

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