Explore the world with these top 3 international business courses

If you’re looking for an undergraduate business degree that will take you around the world and immerse you in different languages and cultures, we’ve got three great options in business courses for you. These programmes offer unique opportunities for travel, personal and professional development, and real-world business experience, ensuring you’ll have an extraordinary educational adventure.

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ESCP Business School – Bachelor in Management (BSc)

Let’s start with ESCP Business School and its Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme. Here you will discover a transformative educational experience in six vibrant European cities: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw. The curriculum is designed to shape tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs, and offers unparalleled opportunities for international exposure and cultural immersion.

ESCP Program Highlights:

  • Duration: 3 years in 3 countries
  • Language of Instruction: English (with options for Spanish or French)
  • Curriculum: Management studies, liberal arts, and humanities
  • Internships: Compulsory internships, social impact projects, and apprenticeships
  • Benefits: Leadership development, multicultural environment, methodological training

You will experience the business world first-hand through a multidisciplinary programme in 3 different countries over 3 years. The curriculum combines management studies with arts and humanities and is taught in English with opportunities to study Spanish, Italian, French, German and Chinese.

There are compulsory internships, social impact projects and apprenticeships, all of which can help enhance your employability.

This Bachelor of Science in Management degree is fully compliant with international standards and is recognised worldwide.

ESCP programme benefits:

Designed to develop your leadership skills in a multicultural environment, you’ll gain an insight into other cultures by living and studying in different countries. This will help you gain a broad understanding of management, business and law in an international context.

You’ll receive strong methodological training and develop personal skills that will enhance your presentation, communication and research abilities by applying theory with practice through real-life case studies and business simulations.

Real-World experience with ESCP:

Hands-on business experience gained through internships, social impact projects and apprenticeships will give you a real career advantage.

This is reinforced through participation in business games and collaborative projects that develop practical management and leadership skills.

You will join a global network of over 75,000 ESCP alumni in 170 countries.

ESCP Curriculum:

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for top international careers. It focuses on practical projects, group work, internships and culminates in a thesis. Each academic year offers the opportunity to study at one of the ESCP’s European city campuses.

Admissions for ESCP:

To apply, candidates must have a Baccalaureate, A-levels, high school diploma or equivalent. The application process is based on a rolling deadline system. Following the online application, successful candidates will be invited for a personal interview to assess their motivation and suitability for the programme.

ESCP Business School’s Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme could take you on a transformative educational journey where you will explore new cultures, gain invaluable experience and become equipped to be a leader in the global business arena.

Find the full details on this undergraduate degree here.

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EDHEC Business School’s Bachelor of Business Administration

The next option we have for you could take you on a cross-border adventure and prepare you for a thriving international career. EDHEC Business School’s Bachelor of Business Administration programme focuses on global business education and true intercultural exposure. This programme equips you with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to excel in today’s interconnected world. Several different track options are available.

The Global Business Track at EDHEC:

This programme is designed for students who want a highly international academic experience. Taught entirely in English, the programme combines classroom learning with extended internships to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of globalisation and the tools to navigate the international business landscape.

Learning objectives:

  • Master the digital tools that drive digital transformation.
  • Analyse quantitative and qualitative data effectively.
  • Communicate and persuade in a multicultural professional context.
  • Cultivate ethical, reflective, socially and environmentally responsible leadership skills.
  • Navigate the dynamic international business environment.
  • Apply management techniques and tools.
  • Manage projects and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Programme structure:

Year 1 at EDHEC Business School – Nice, France

Here you will study the fundamentals of business management, economics, accounting, law and marketing, using a ‘learning by doing’ approach through business games and projects. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in business essentials while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Year 2 at UCLA Extension – Los Angeles, USA

At UCLA Extension, you’ll explore business courses in international trade and commerce with other international students. With access to a wide range of electives and campus facilities, you’ll gain insight into the intricacies of the US economy and international business practices. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops, business tours and extracurricular activities that will enrich your academic experience and enhance your personal development.

Year 3 & 4 at Nanyang Technological University – Singapore

Nanyang Technological University offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant Asian business world. With courses taught by esteemed professors and access to a wide range of campus facilities and student clubs, you will gain valuable insights into strategic management, market intelligence, digital marketing and more. Career-focused activities, company treks and alumni networking events will further enhance your readiness for the global marketplace.


Why choose EDHEC’s undergraduate programme?

EDHEC Business School’s undergraduate programme has been recognised as the best undergraduate programme, reflecting its commitment to academic excellence and student success. With a strong presence in international rankings, EDHEC is a leading institution in business education, preparing students to succeed in a rapidly evolving global economy.

How to apply to the business courses :

To apply for the EDHEC Global Business degree, you must have a French baccalauréat, A-Levels, High School Diploma, IB, Abitur or European Baccalaureate. You will also need to provide your school reports, language test results and a personality test.

This course could help you open a world of opportunities, gain invaluable international experience and broaden your global business horizons.

Find the full details on this global business degree here.

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ESSEC Business School’s Global BBA Programme

ESSEC Business School’s Global Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme focuses on academic excellence, ethical leadership and international exposure. This programme equips students with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to succeed in today’s globalised economy.

ESSEC programme overview:

The programme is designed to give you a broad understanding of management principles, coupled with real-world experience and international exposure. With a flexible curriculum and a wide range of specialisation tracks, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your educational experience to suit your career aspirations.

Years 1 and 2:

You have the option of starting the programme at one of ESSEC’s campuses in France, Singapore or Morocco. The curriculum includes core management courses, international business, business courses topics and language development. You will also participate in internships to gain practical experience and enhance your professional skills.

IBEA track (International Business Education Alliance):

At the end of your first year, you can apply for the IBEA track, which offers the opportunity to study at prestigious partner universities around the world. This unique programme exposes you to diverse cultural and academic environments and prepares you for global leadership.

Years 3 and 4:

You will continue your studies with a focus on specialisation tracks, which include options such as International Business and Consulting, Responsible International Leadership, Innovation Management, Innovation and Digital Management and ECOTOPIA. Each track offers a unique blend of business courses, internships and international exchanges tailored to specific career paths.

ESSEC business courses and Exchanges:

With hundreds of electives to choose from, you can tailor your curriculum to suit your interests and career goals. International exchanges offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures, improve language skills and gain valuable global perspectives.

Professional experience:

The programme includes work placements and apprenticeships to give you practical experience and industry insight. The final 6-month Management Internship allows you to take on significant responsibility and contribute to concrete projects, preparing you for leadership roles in the workforce.

Programme recognition:

The Global BBA programme is equivalent to a Master in Management (M1) and is recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education. This recognition ensures that graduates are well prepared for further study or immediate employment.

Real-world experience:

This programme can help you gain a broad understanding of management principles, develop ethical leadership skills and prepare for a successful career in international business.

You will gain practical business experience through work placements and projects, and participate in business games and collaborative projects to develop practical skills.

ESSEC Admissions:

Candidates with an A-levels or equivalent can apply online. Successful applicants will be interviewed to assess their motivation and suitability for the programme.

Find the full details on this business programme here.


How Expat Student can help secure your place

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