Health Science studies: What opportunities are there in Europe?

Health science studies in Europe: train abroad to become a doctor or a veterinarian.

Are you aiming to become a doctor or veterinarian and you are wondering about the choice of recognised university degree courses in Europe? Expat Student provides you with answers to your questions.


Outside of the UK (which is sadly no longer in Europe!), France and Belgium, more and more students are turning to reputable English or French language courses in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at universities in Spain, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia etc.

Why study abroad?

There are many reasons to choose to study abroad to complete your health science studies, here are some of the reasons our students give :

  • Applications to study Medicine and Vet Med in the UK are very competitive and if you do not qualify for ‘Home fees’, it is also very expensive
  • The first year of medicine in France is very stressful with a low rate of success
  • After two years of Veterinary preparatory school in France, very few candidates are accepted into a Vet school
  • There is more hands-on practical training in the early years compared to France
  • The courses are in smaller groups and with a less competitive atmosphere
  • The opportunity to learn the language of the country, with some courses being taught in the last few years in this language, and for everyone the need to be able to exchange with the locals during clinical training courses.
  • An international student experience

In Spain, the renowned universities of Valencia and Navarra offer medical training in English in the early years. At Valencia, Veterinary training is also offered in both French and English for the first two years. All these studies continue in Spanish from the 3rd year onwards. 

The prestigious English university Queen Mary University offers on its campus in Malta the same five year medical training as at the London campus but with a separate admission system and its own tuition fees. 

Two universities in the city of Cluj Napoca in Romania offer medical and veterinary training with courses in English or French for the first years.There are currently more than 500 medical students following the French-speaking curriculum and almost 1000 in the English-speaking medical curriculum. The presence of all these foreign students helps to make Cluj a dynamic city with an international atmosphere.

How much are the Tuition Fees?

The tuition fees vary by country and university from €9,000 per year for Roumania to €35,000 per year for Malta, with merit scholarships available for some courses.

And after your health science studies?

The Veterinary Medicine courses that we suggest are all accredited by the EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education), which allows students to work as a veterinarian anywhere in Europe after graduation.

At the end of their Medicine course in Europe, students who wish to enter the 3rd cycle and do their internship in France must take the same competitive exams as those who studied in France. Those students who wish to do their Foundation Years in the UK must apply through the General Medical Council.

When should you contact us to start planning your health science studies abroad?

As early as possible! If you are in your last year of high school or even in your first year of medical or veterinary prepa studies in France, you still have time to apply to certain European universities for the next academic year. We will help you to select the courses and prepare your application before the deadline.

If you are in your penultimate school year, we can provide you with information to help you prepare your application well in advance by getting work experience or studying for obligatory exams, depending on the courses you are applying for.

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