Save the dates – Don’t miss the upcoming University Open Days !

University Open Days are your chance to take a look at different universities and to help your child decide where they want to apply.

You’re thinking that your child is only in Première/ Grade 11 and that it’s perhaps too early to think about university applications?  Big Mistake ! If your child is planning to study abroad, there is nothing better for them than to take a look at  the Open Days and virtually visit the universities that could interest them. This will help your child to choose what subject they want to study and where they want to study it. Starting to plan their university applications early helps a student to focus for their final year of school.  

Visit universities ‘all over the world’ without travelling

Many Open Days are conducted virtually. You might not get the same experience as visiting the universities “in real life”, but, on the other hand, Virtual Open Days allow you and your child to visit universities in different countries from the comfort of your sofa ! 

Take advantage of this, to visit all the universities you are interested in, and go from one country to another, without the cost of plane tickets and hotels!

Aim high !

We always advise our students to apply to at least one ‘Reach’ university – a high requirement, prestigious university. This helps motivate the students to do their best during the coming school year. Visit both high-flying universities and back-up choices

Make the most of your visit

During the Virtual Open Days, you will be able to attend lectures and participate in question-and-answer sessions led by faculty and university representatives. 

This is a great opportunity to find out more about the courses you are interested in, or to look at other courses you may not have considered. You can also get advice and tips that will help you with your child’s application. 

Thanks to the possibility of chatting directly with student ambassadors of the university, you will discover their own experiences of university studies, their impressions on the courses, the choice of modules and of course the student and community life.

Universities also often offer 360 degree virtual tours of their campuses. This allows you to immerse yourself in the classrooms, libraries, sports facilities and student life.

Follow our 4 tips to optimise your visits

  • Start by making a list of the universities you want to visit and look for upcoming Open Days dates on their websites before making your plans. There are often several dates available in May and JuneAll UK university Open Days dates can be found on UCAS by clicking on this link.
  • Make sure that the Open Day is for the level of education you are interested in, i.e. undergraduate for your high school students. In addition, some universities organise days by type of course. For example, Bath University in the United Kingdom organises Open Days for science and engineering course on one date and a different date for the Open Day for management, humanities and social sciences courses.
  • Register online. To participate in most of these Open Days, you must register in advance. The same applies to the presentations. So take a good look at the day’s schedule to choose what interests you.
  • Prepare your visit, see if there are guided tours and think in advance about the questions you want to ask:

– How are applications assessed, what subjects are preferred, is there an interview as part of the recruitment process?

– How many hours of lessons are there each week? How are the exams organised?

– What further studies are possible? In what professions do graduates work?

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions during webinars or live chats with teachers, admissions officers and students.

But of course, bear in mind that universities are there to sell themselves and attract the best candidates. They will present themselves in their best light, so don’t be dazzled by their marketing.  You should also make sure that the university has an international reputation and that its degree is internationally recognised, so that you can then access good masters programmes when your child finishes their bachelor.


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