Help ! My child wants to study abroad. How can I help ?

The study abroad dilemma! So here you are, settled in France, thinking that you have done a good job of integrating your child in the local French community whilst still giving them the basics of your anglo-saxon culture. But, maybe you’ve done too good a job, when your teenager says “I don’t want to go to la fac or prépa, I want to go to university in the UK

Your child wants to study abroad, what should you do now ?

Talk to your child and try to find out exactly what they want. Are they looking for the international student experience? Do they want to do their Higher Education in English ? Finding out exactly what your child wants will help you to help them to choose the pathway that suits them best.

The World is their Oyster 

Of course the UK is a great choice if your child wants the whole study abroad experience…. life on a campus, studying a subject they love, tutorials and lectures in English. But it’s not the only possibility. Universities in other countries now offer very reputable courses in English. Here are a few suggestions to discuss with your child.

Study in the UK

As everyone knows, the UK left the EU with Brexit, and that has caused innumerable difficulties for Brits living in Europe.  However, one piece of good news is that British nationals who have been living in Europe for at least the three years before starting university are entitled to home fee status and can also apply for student finance. And this will be the case until 2028. UK universities have the reputation for being among the best in the world and a degree from a good UK university will help kick start your child’s career. The tuition fee for home students is £9,250/year

Study in Ireland

There are eight universities in Ireland, the most well-known being Trinity College Dublin. Although entry to the most academic subjects is highly competitive, there are a number of other subjects in the different universities for which the entry requirements are more attainable. For EU residents, the tuition fees are €3,000/year.

Study in Holland

There are a number of very good universities in Holland that do their courses in English. The Erasmus University in Rotterdam, for example,  has an excellent Bachelor’s degree course in International Business Administration, and for EU residents the tuition fees are a very reasonable €2,300/ year.

Study in Canada

If your child has French nationality, they can also benefit from the reduced tariffs for French nationals that the well-known Canadian universities such as McGill and Concordia offer. The Engineering course at McGill is particularly sought after.

Applications to certain subjects such as Medicine and Veterinary Science are particularly competitive in France

If your child is interest in one of these topics, study abroad might be a great option. For Medicine, many students do not get further than the first year, and for Veterinary Science, the competitive exam after 2 years of prépa, strikes off a large proportion of aspiring vets.

It is important to know that there are other pathways open to these students. They can, of course, apply to the UK if they have excellent grades, but if they are not necessarily top of their class, they still have other options. There are a number of universities to study abroad in Poland, Romania, Croatia that offer these courses in English and in French. There are also excellent Medicine and Veterinary Science courses at private universities in Spain.

So when your teenager shouts “But Mum, I don’t want to stay in France”, it’s not a disaster. You can help them to find interesting and internationally recognised higher education courses elsewhere.

At Expat Student, we help families with their international higher education choices and study abroad applications

We help the student choose their subject and the best-fit universities for them taking into consideration their personal project and academic needs. By working closely with each student, Expat Student aims to make this process as simple and smooth as possible, allowing the student to concentrate on their studies.

Reach out for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how we can help your child succeed with their international university applications. or by phone + 33 (1) 34 84 70 94

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