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A university application guidance counsellor can help you make the best application possible to the university of your dreams. Their experience and expertise can help prepare you for your future studies and career.

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Why choose a guidance counsellor?

Choosing both a university and a degree programme is a big decision, with a huge impact on both the next three or four years of study, and on your future job prospects when you graduate. A guidance counsellor draws on years of experience to help you choose a university course aligned with your goals and aspirations. They will provide invaluable information on the options available to you and how you can achieve your ambitions.

A guidance counsellor will get to know you and your goals and provide personalised advice for your circumstances. A good guidance counsellor only has your best interests in mind – they work for you, not the universities!

University fees

Choosing to study at university is a big financial investment in your future, an investment you want to spend wisely. By taking advantages of all the resources and knowledge your counsellor has built up, you can be sure you are making the best decision for your future. Investing both your time and money into a university course means you want to be assured you have made the right choice.

A guidance counsellor can also help you make sense of the different fee structures between countries, and advise you on what extra steps you might need to take to ensure that your fees are paid on time. A guidance counsellor may also be able to advise you on what scholarship, bursary, or other funding opportunities you are eligible for. These may help cover a portion of your fees or contribute towards your living expenses.

University rankings

University rankings can be complicated and difficult to understand. Different universities may have different specialisms and are highly respected by employers in these industries, but this may not be reflected in rankings that assess universities on a more general basis. A guidance counsellor will know which rankings matter most, and which universities are highest up the league tables in the course you are interested in. They will also be able to help you balance a university’s ranking with how well it is suited to what you want out of university life. The ranking of a university might be taken into consideration along with its location, the career opportunities on offer, or what extra-curriculars you can get involved in.

Expert advice

An international guidance counsellor will be able to advise you on the different higher education systems in different countries, and on which universities you would be suited to within the country of your choice. Applications to different countries, even to universities within the same country, can differ immensely. The application process may require you to complete essays, interviews, entry tests or personal statements. A guidance counsellor can help you master each individual element of your application.

For those who already have a strong idea of where or what they would like to study, they can make sure you have the best advice on how to achieve your goals at every stage of the application process, from initial contact right through to accepting your offer.

Competitive applications

Some university courses are particularly competitive, and this might differ between countries. Applications to Medicine and Veterinary Science courses require a candidate to prepare for up to a year before their application. In the UK, this would include work experience, and preparation and completion of the UCAT/BMAT exams for medicine or weeks of work experience for Vet Med. This requires you to begin working towards your chosen course from Year 11/Grade 12 onwards.

Business courses are also particularly competitive, as are applications to any world-leading university, such as the University of Oxford or Cambridge.

A guidance counsellor will help identify and bring out your strengths, and advise you on how to make your application more competitive.

Making decisions

Choosing which country to study in can be a difficult process, especially with the changes brought about by the UK’s new non-EU status. UK universities remain very highly ranked but course fees have increased for EU residents, and students are increasingly turning towards universities in countries with lower fees.

A guidance counsellor will advise you on which countries are best for which subject. Holland is a particularly good option for those interested in business, international relations, and psychology. Business students will be interested in IE Madrid and ESADE in Spain, and Bocconi in Italy. Spain is an option for those interested in Veterinary Medicine, as is Eastern Europe. French passport holders will find their fees reduced in French-speaking Canada, where they can study at universities such as McGill, Concordia, HEC Montreal and Polytechnique Montréal.

Stress-free applications

A guidance counsellor can help save you time, so you can devote your focus and energies to what matters most – your academic studies. They will keep track of deadlines so you don’t have to, and make sure each element of your application is up to standard before it is submitted. They will be flexible and fit appointments around your studies and other commitments.

A lot of students have never completed anything like what is required for a university application, particularly if they are applying to a country they did not complete their schooling in. A guidance counsellor can help you get to grips with these elements right away.

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