UK Clearing University 2025 : how to apply to UK Universities through Clearing procedure

If you are not happy with the Higher Education offers that you have, or your grades aren’t enough for acceptance into Canadian universities or IE Madrid, it’s not too late to apply to UK universities through late applications and Clearing. Expat Student explains everything you need to know about the University Clearing 2024 procedure !

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How does UCAS Clearing work?

Clearing is a system that UCAS and UK universities use at the end of the academic year. It is not about filling spaces that haven’t been taken – rumour has it that some of the top universities do keep spaces for great applicants that arrive through Clearing.



Why would you use Clearing?

  • One of the most common reasons for using Clearing university is if you don’t get the grades or results you need for the university offers you’ve already had.
  •  Other reasons may be that you’ve changed your mind about the course or university you want to attend, so Clearing enables you to apply for other courses and universities.
  •  You may have applied before 30 June, but don’t have any offers.
  • You applied after 30 June – then you’ll automatically be entered into Clearing once you apply.
  • Another reason may be that you’ve only just decided you want to study in the UK.

If you don’t get the grades you were hoping for, don’t necessarily give up on your initial choice of course or university…it’s always worth contacting them to ask if they would still accept you.

When is Clearing 2024?

In 2024, Clearing opens on 8 July, which is also the date that the International Baccalaureate and French Baccalaureat results are published. You must have your exam results to be able to apply through Clearing. So, for example, A-level students can’t apply until 15 August, when A-level results are out.
Just bear in mind that popular courses at the highest-ranked universities will fill up quickly and many courses will be filled within a few days after Clearing University 2024 opens, so it’s important to be prepared for Clearing.

Preparing for Clearing

Even if you’re confident that you will get the grades and university place you want, it’s a good idea to be prepared for every eventuality and have a back-up plan, so you don’t have to panic at the last minute.
It’s worth thinking about how flexible you’re prepared to be about your choices before you get your results, so you’re not worrying about rushing to make those important decisions. You don’t want to make a snap choice that you’ll regret later.

The first thing to do is to start with your original course choices – you already have a list of those, and you’ll have information about universities and courses you’ve researched already, so that would be a good starting point when you contact UCAS for Clearing.
Looking back over your previous choices may make you realise that you want something different, or that you want to be in a different area to your original choice.
Create a shortlist of universities you would consider going to and make a note of their Clearing hotline numbers and any relevant URL addresses that you need to save you time waiting for sites to load on Clearing day.



Do all universities offer Clearing?

No, there are some universities that don’t take part in University Clearing 2024, including Oxford and Cambridge, as well as some of the more competitive universities.
In the same way, many of the most popular and competitive degrees, such as medicine, dentistry and veterinary science are not usually available via Clearing. The reason for this is that the courses are usually already oversubscribed and often have a waiting list in place.

If I’m an international student – can I still apply for Clearing?

Yes, non-UK students can apply. You’ll be eligible if you have:

  • Applied through UCAS before Clearing opens.
  • Been rejected for your original choices.
  • Not yet got an offer from a university.
  • Qualified for your offer but decided against it.
  • Applied for a course before 30 June but didn’t get an offer.

As an international student, you will have to apply for a student Visa, and will have to complete a language assessment to be accepted. If you have not yet applied to a UK university, you can still make a late application during Clearing University 2024.


Expat Student tells you everything about clearing University 2023



Be prepared! The earlier you apply through Clearing university 2024, the better your chance of getting a place and obtaining your Visa in time for the start of the University year.

  • Do your research before Clearing university 2024 opens to find out more about UK universities and the courses offered.
  •  Places will be snapped up as soon as Clearing opens, so although you need to be quick, take time to think before accepting a place – it could affect your whole future career.
  • Be flexible with your choices.

If you are worried about any aspects of Clearing, or if you wish to make a late application to UK universities, Expat Student can help you with any necessary preparation, so get in touch with us for some expert guidance and help.

Questions / answers about applying to a UK university


What are the deadlines for applying to a UK university?

The deadlines for applying to a university in the UK are 15th October for applications to Oxford, Cambridge and all courses in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry. For all other courses and universities the equal consideration deadline is the last Wednesday of January.

Clearing university : can I submit a late application to a UK university?

Yes, but the university is not obliged to consider your application. We advise you to contact the university before applying to check they will consider your application. When Clearing opens on 5 July, universities state which courses they still have spaces and accept applications for.

How can I apply via UCAS to study in England?

To apply to study in the UK via UCAS, you will need to create an application via the UCAS website. You must supply your personal details, your education background including any qualifications that you are currently studying for. You will then write a Personal Statement – a motivation letter that explains why you are applying to study this particular subject. Lastly you will also need a reference from a teacher and predicted grades if you have not yet taken your exams.

Can I apply late to Cambridge and Oxford?

No, if you choose to apply to Cambridge or Oxford, you will not be able to submit a late application. Cambridge and Oxford have specific deadlines for applications, set at 15 October of the year before the start of the academic year, and are not part of the clearing system.


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